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M&A, Valuations & Due Diligence

October 7, 2020

M&A can be a highly effective way for businesses and investors to create value. However great care must be taken to ensure that M&A transactions are indeed value creating and that they are negotiated and conducted well. Tunneys provide M&A investors and practitioners with rapid financial modelling support to greatly improve transparency around the deal and the relevant businesses. This support is critical to seeing successful M&A transactions that create real value for investors.

M&A transactions represent the most significant and impactful decisions that many businesses or investors will make. Where businesses are seeking to engage in M&A activity or raise growth finance from Seed capital to Series A, B & C funding rounds, all parties must rely upon financial models to underpin their valuation of businesses and their shares. It is critical that such financial models are robust, flexible and transparent so that all parties can effectively communicate and form a solid basis for agreement in order for transactions to go ahead successfully.

Tunneys work with a range of investors and M&A advisors to provide financial modelling support on M&A transactions. Due to the nature of such transactions, timing is often of the essence and therefore both speed and accurancy is critical for parties looking to transact successfully without undue delays and difficulties.

Our finance, accounting and taxation expertise and time tested financial modelling methodologies allow us to provide support through valuation and due diligence projects efficiently and smoothly however complex, detailed, niche or time-pressured.  Our best in class financial modelling allow investors and businesses whether buy side or sell side to understand and determine the likely intrinsic value of a business based on its financials, its forecasted performance, and a clear set of assumptions.

Our broad experience in building financial models for a range of businesses, industries and situations makes us uniquely positioned to provide highly reliable financial modelling support for any kind of due-diligence or valuation process.


We understand that the valuation of a business is underpinned by a range of factors from those within the business to its industry and the various external forces that may impact upon it's potential for value creation. We therefore tailor the scope and nature of our business valuation services to the particulars of each client and situation. We build completely bespoke financial models that account for the numerous variables and the range of scenarios that may impact upon the result, allowing all parties to understand how these drive value such that they can openly and transparently discuss and agree upon a valuation.

Due Diligence

Our considerable experience and knowlege of best practice financial modelling and model audit allows us to offer both modelling of target businesses and possible transactions but also allows us to support the review of modelling presented or used by other parties. Our review methodology allows us to quickly report on the quality of the modelling in terms of structure and general risk of inaccuracy. Further review can then be as detailed and as comprehensive or focused as is appropriate for each distinct situation and project such that discussion around the assumptions and logic can be well informed.

How we help

Sell Side

Valuations modelling & sensitivity analysis

Buy Side

Best in class Target & Pro-Forma Financial Modelling

Options analysis

Testing strategic options for deal optimisation

Investor presentation

Visualisation and reporting for investors

Due Diligence

Modelling & assumptions testing

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