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Project Finance & JVs

Real Estate, Project Finance & Joint Ventures

October 7, 2020

Special Investment Projects provide for the growth and development of private or listed businesses and REITS as well as the procurement and maintainence of public-sector infrastructure and partnerships between corporates towards complex multi-industry goals however it is critical to ensure that the financial arrangements are fully understood by all parties in advance and monitored throughout.

While investment projects are essential and useful, structuring such projects can be highly complex due to the broad range of parties typically involved from investors, lenders and partners to suppliers and customers throughout the project horizon. The risks and uncertainties, cash flow assumptions and complex inter-linked financial issues and balances require robust and flexible financial modelling in order to ensure that the planned mechanisms are clear and provide value for money to all parties.

Tunneys financial modelling services can help assess whether the expected costs and investing schedule in a project or set of projects, are justified by the expected future proceeds by considering and summarising the inter-play of many financial variables, scenarios and risks. The same modelling can then be used to monitor, assess and manage the project as it proceeds and to support all parties in understanding and dealing with unforeseen changes, risks and opportunities as and when they arise.

Our consultants have considerable experience supporting senior stakeholders in major REITs, technology / mechanical engineering JVs and government infrastructure projects by building effective financial modelling, data analytics, automation and investor reporting.

How we help

Project Finance

Building project finance models to calculate and forecast the complex interplay of variables involved in a proposed investment project


Working with a broad range of SMEs and stakeholders to develop fully bespoke and fit for purpose solutions

Investor Reporting

Supporting the presentation and discussion of financial modelling and FP&A results

3-5 Year Planning / Modelling

Developing comprehensive 3-5 year plans for reporting to investors

Monthly Budget / Performance Reporting

Working with finance teams to refresh and improve monthly reporting via modelling and the application of up to date technology

Data Analytics / Automation

Streamlining and automating the regular refresh of data into modelling and reports

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