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Private Equity

Immediate and continuous value creation for a PE Backed c£60m Energy Tech Co

Private Equity

Immediate and continuous value creation for a PE Backed c£60m Energy Tech Co

January 15, 2023

The UK Energy sector has been among those at the centre of the cost of living crisis is 2022/23. For any companies operating within this sector it is critical to have full clarity over business and financial data to ensure that resources are invested optimally and efficiently. Embedding data analytics in finance departments effectively can drive better decision making for both immediate value creation and continuous improvement.

The Credential

Tunneys worked with the CFO for a FTSE 100 Spin out (c£60m) PE-backed energy business to identify the most high potential opportunities for time sensitive value creation. Tunneys developed a suite of tools that would allow the FD to continuously identify opportunities in pricing, customer differentiation, product/service differentiation and cost/resource efficiency for reporting to the board. A Suite of tools were also created to drive better financial control through the finance department by continuously highlighting inconsistent accounting and record keeping.

How We Helped

Prior to engaging with Tunneys, EnergyCo* had recently been bought by a c£2.5b private equity firm. The newly arrived CFO was unable to get clear profitability and pricing information from the finance department sufficient to identify the key opportunities for immediate and longer term value creation in the business.

Tunneys were engaged to design a solution that would allow the FD to draw the required insights from the business and its existing data and to work with the FD and other department leaders to acheive buy in across the business for the leveraging of data for continuous profitability and efficiency optimisation going forward.

EnergyCo's business involved a vast range of services, products, departments, teams and customers. The key to identifying opportunities was to unify, organise and visualise the information held by the business to identify both strategic opportunities and financial control improvements.

Value Delivered

Automated data visualisation and refresh process for:

Calculation and visualisation of profitability of all services and products by customer;

Improved financial control around accounts and record keeping in the finance department;

Buy in across the business for adoption of data driven insights for continuous commercial and operational improvement; &

Identification of price centralisation opportunities for immediate value creation

* all client names have been kept confidential.

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