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Helping a fast growing SaaS PLC through a Major Strategic Investment


Helping a fast growing SaaS PLC through a Major Strategic Investment

March 18, 2022

The professional services industry is currently seeing a phase of rapid and profound transformation with opportunities presented by emerging technologies resulting in many competitors transitioning to a SaaS business model to realise greater returns. CFOs must now seek ways to invest capital wisely in order to acheive sustained growth and secure market share over the long term. This requires modelling and analytics to be pivoted and updated for the new business model and a critical reassessment of the key levers and drivers of success to be undertaken for each business.

The Credential

Tunneys worked with the group CFO of a fast growing SaaS PLC (c£30m) to professionalise their FP&A and financial forecasting and to create a basis for assessing various strategic options available for investment and their respective funding requirements for presentation to banks for debt-refinancing.

How We Helped

The rapid pace of technological change coupled with societal changes and pressures brought about by the global pandemic have presented new ways of working and new opportunities for incumbent professional services providers.

Prior to engaging Tunneys, SaaSCo* identified a range of potential strategic initiatives promising to future-fit the business to out perform competition and secure bold growth through increased market share. The board and bank financing the business required professional modelling to identify and explain the best combination of strategic initiatives, their financing requirements and their expected returns over the short and long term.

Tunneys reviewed, updated and professionalised the businesses FP&A and financial forecasting modelling and facilitated the appraisal of a collection of strategic investments for presentation to the bank. This would allow the group CFO to understand the requirements and value creation potential of various separate and combined investments and to present a robust proposal to the bank.

Value Delivered

Consolidated and professionalised FP&A of historic and planned financial performance;

Automated and simplified regular data updates with links to key data sources and systems;

Augmenting of FP&A and forecasts with sensitivities for new strategic investments, risks and scenarios for ongoing appraisal of investments by the CFO; &

A robust best in class integrated financial model for bank due diligence clearly and impactfully presenting the businesses proposal for growth finance

* all client names have been kept confidential.

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