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Optimising Financial Modelling for a c£1.5b FMCG Retail PLC during a critical period of M&A and debt re-financing activity


Optimising Financial Modelling for a c£1.5b FMCG Retail PLC during a critical period of M&A and debt re-financing activity

September 8, 2023

UK Food Retail has been hard hit by the global pandemic and instability in europe with many businesses struggling to maintain financing and returns. In such challenging periods of uncertainty it is critical to have clear, flexible and up to date modelling such that correct actions can be taken decisively at the correct time.

The Credential

Tunneys worked with the head of FP&A for a major (c£1.5b) FMCG retail plc to support the CFO by updating financial modelling to work with a new ERP system and to bring modelling up to best practice standards such that the business can understand, use and manage modelling internally going forward.

How We Helped

Prior to engaging with Tunneys, FMCGCo* had developed an existing set of financial models with an external consultancy. The CFO and internal teams were unable to understand, use and manage the modelling due to inherent issues in its development and excessive complexity.

Tunneys were engaged to review and optimise the existing models and provide a smooth handover to the business such that data refreshes, changes to assumptions and general use was clear and fit-for-purpose.

FMCGCo was experiencing a critical period of M&A and debt-refinancing and so required flexibility in the approach to delivering outcomes.

Tunneys provided a comprehensive review of the existing modelling highlighting errors, issues, divergences from best practice and documentation explaining how the current modelling is used, updated and managed highlighting the improvements required.

Tunneys also made adjustments to existing (in-use) financial modelling to improve structure, clarity, efficiency and simplicity automating data refresh processes with up to date technology and methods.

Value Delivered

Automated data refresh process and improved data integrity through best-practice data modelling;

Tailored model review report highlighting errors, issues, best practice divergence, and potential optimisations;

Improved existing modelling by making simplifications and corrections in line with the model review report; &

Provided user guides and supporting documentation for handover of current and adjusted modelling to the internal teams

* all client names have been kept confidential.

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