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Real Estate

Supporting the FD of a high profile global Real Estate firm to manage a c£130m contract

Real Estate

Supporting the FD of a high profile global Real Estate firm to manage a c£130m contract

March 18, 2022

Automating workforce data collection & utilising data as a finance management asset to improve efficiency on a high value real estate contract.

The Credential

Tunneys worked closely with UK FD of a high profile global real estate firm to apply professional financial modelling, data modelling and automation to the management of a major c£130m contract in order to realise profitability through efficiencies.

How We Helped

Prior to engaging Tunneys, globalRE* had been operating a major high value long term contract for which the correct servicing of responsibilities required the organisation of a highly dynamic workforce. Current systems and modelling were not sufficient to provide the necessary analysis or process current data quickly enough to provide timely and actionable insights to the management team.

Tunneys worked closely with the UK management team and the FD to understand the data, systems and insights required to allow them to sufficiently manage the ongoing contract in order to maintain clarity over costs and profitability.

We produced and delivered a financial model that automated the recording, collection and updating of workforce structure and activity over time. This allowed the management team and FD to get clear and up to date information around the utilisation of its dynamic workforce against the complex array of tasks involved in managing their contractual responsibilities. We then sufficiently designed and automated the management of the model and data collection processes to handover for simple use in-house.

Value Delivered

Collaborated with the FD and various members of the management team to design a bespoke tool for management of a major contract;

Closed blind spots in available data and automated data collection and processing for near live-time data flows;

Provided a robust and simple model for use by the in-house management team to monitor and understand workforce utilisation, churn, costs and profitability

* all client names have been kept confidential.

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