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Data Analytics

Utilising workforce data to facilitate strategic change and c£60m cost efficiencies

Data Analytics

Utilising workforce data to facilitate strategic change and c£60m cost efficiencies

March 18, 2022

Embedding big data analytics and process automation to improve the speed and quality of actionable strategic insights, facilitate timely and effective planning and significant cost efficiencies

The Credential

Tunneys worked with the head of strategy, the COO in data and technology and the head of resource efficiency of a major public sector organisation in the planning of various (500+) workforce growth and transformation initiatives for meeting future strategic capability and performance targets and acheiving c£60m of cost efficiencies. Implementing data collection, processing and analysis automations and dashboards to acheive additional administrative efficiencies (approx. 3-4x FTE).

How We Helped

Emerging future needs and workforce skills requirements in the public sector require strategic departments and leaders to quickly understand and determine how to re-shape their workforce in order to acheive performance goals for current and future initiatives. Workforce data is often highly dynamic and complex with a multitude of important data points and frequent movements and churn across organisational structures.

Prior to engaging Tunneys, workforceOrg* had developed workforce data and processes across a collection of large spreadsheets which required considerable manual use and management from a team of analysts and could not provide data sufficiently up to date to adequately support the leadership teams in considering and making critical decisions.

Tunneys reviewed the data and documentation surrounding the project and worked closely with the strategic head, the COO of data and technology and the head of resource efficiency to scope and propose a new design for a bespoke data analytics and visualisation management dashboard that would facilitate the quick and intuitive understanding of the most up to date workforce data and for proposing strategic initiatives for sweeping workforce changes.

Value Delivered

Developing an automated data collection business process to provide top leadership with near real-time information about the size, shape and distribution of their growing and changing workforce in order to strategically plan and effectively react to the emerging requirements of the organisation going forward;

Establishing a repeatable data system that supports the re-shaping of the workforce to meet future demands more effectively and efficiently in terms of skills gaps and resourcing across different locations and areas of the organisation;

Providing modelling for optimising labour costs through the restructuring and development of internal capabilities to minimise reliance on contingent labour, identifying existing and emerging over or under resourcing issues across the workforce and embedding better governance of existing contingent labour contracts;

Developing the cross functional data and technology team to embed enduring data modelling capabilities and financial modelling best practices within the organisation for more professional in-house data handling, analysis and management going forward;

Providing a basis for combining finance and budgeting models with connected data feeds to provide timely and more correct budgeting infromation to both finance and recruitment departments;

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