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Debt Financing

Debt (Re) Financing for Growth / Recovery

October 7, 2020

Debt Financing or re-financing can often be necessary where a business seeks to invest in growth initiatives or where environmental shocks force business leaders to critically evaluate their ability to meet cash liabilities as they fall due. Tunneys have worked with a number of large global PLCs across a range of industries to prepare for debt re-financing through robust and credible financial forecasting.

Debt financing and re-financing is an increasingly common challenge faced by CFOs as technology and digitalisation poses new and enticing strategic options for growth and increased returns on investment and as the pandemic and other de-stablising events place increasing amounts of uncertainty on short to long term cash flows.

Tunneys have exceptional credentials relating to debt re-financing having collaborated with a number of high profile advisors and worked with the CFOs and CEOs of various high profile PLCs to fuel the growth or recovery of their businesses with new debt investment. Our expertise has helped business leaders to gain clarity around how their current decisions and future options might impact upon their future cash flows and balance sheet position and to determine their best strategic options for using new funds.

How we help

Debt Forecasting

Integrating the forecasting of complex debt calculations and covenants with that of the business, use of funds and expected performance

Data Modelling & Integrity

Establishing integrity and efficiency in how financial data and assumptions flow through to modelling and reports

Visualisation and Dashboarding

Creating clear and simple dashboards with key levers, measures and KPIs allowing stakeholders to understand, use and discuss plans and options

Ongoing Support & Analysis

Working with all stakeholders and advisors to discuss and iterate wider analysis

Data & Logic

Guiding finance, operational and data teams to prepare and provide data and assumptions for the financial model and to design the key model controls, logic and measures

Decision Bridge Analysis

Clearly visualising how various activities and other factors contribute towards particular outcomes for consideration by senior non-technical stakeholders

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