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Special Situations

Special Situations & Distressed Turnaround

October 7, 2020

Our Special Situations services provide businesses, investors and their advisors with rapid and focused modelling support to establish the requirements and options facing them so that a transaction can be executed confidently and quickly.

Tunneys specialise in providing modelling solutions to businesses in their most challenging times. We have worked with businesses and special advisors across a range of industries where robust and fit for purpose financial modelling is required under significant time pressure to meet an immediate issue or opportunity. We have extensive experience supporting CFOs and their advisors to deliver complex models on accelerated timelines that are fully bespoke and bank or investor ready to ensure that transactions can be conducted without undue delay.

Our approach provides the modelling required at the earliest possible time which allows for earlier intervention and therefore a more optimal range of options for maximising value in the business. We also adhere to best in class financial modelling practices so that as situations evolve rapidly, we are able to flex our modelling and analysis quickly allowing our clients to remain agile and decisive at the times where it is most critical.

We work with specialists ranging from real estate and M&A to debt advisory and business restructuring and utilise our modelling solutions to analyse the potential issues and strategic options being considered by the business and project team. Our models are often required to cover a variety of considerations such as:

  • Strategic options analysis allowing businesses to assess and make decisions based on the forecasted likely impact of various management plans with sensitivities for various performance scenarios;
  • Performance data analysis to identify high and low performing parts of the business and form executable turnaround plans; &
  • Re-financing analysis to plan out the financing requirements and covenant thresholds of the business going forward through robust bank or investor ready financial modelling and the flexible appraisal of various re-financing options.

We are highly experienced in managing and delivering modelling and analytics projects efficiently and successfully. We have delivered projects to the top executive leadership of major global PLCs and private equity firms over a variety of industries and situations. We are able to quickly adapt our expereince, knowledge and methodologies to any situation and exceed expectations in what we deliver.

How we help

Analysis & Presentation

We support in presenting model levers and results to senior leadership and investors and turnaround and present new analysis quickly

Rapid Model Build

Working with finance teams, FCs and CFOs to quickly translate existing accounts data and analysis into professional financial modelling

Data Automation & Modelling

updating and improving how data is used by the business to quickly minimise the time required to analyse and present

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