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Strategy, Data Analytics & Options Appraisal

October 7, 2020

Strategic planning when done correctly can provide businesses with dramatic improvements in results. Careful analysis and modelling is required to forecast the impact of competing strategic initiatives and help business leaders to determine and decide the best course of action quickly. Expert financial modelling support is therefore essential for ensuring that the strategic planning process is effective and successful.

Data Modelling

Data modelling, analytics and visualisation provide business leaders with the tools required to quickly understand the state and behaviours observable in their business and broader environment. From optimising resource efficiency and effectiveness to administrative restructuring and logistical operations re-design, Tunneys have a wealth of experience working with leaders and strategy consultants across the public and private sectors and conducting carefully considered analysis to help inform successful strategy.

We work with our clients to identify the big questions and key areas of focus for achieving the greatest impact on value for their business by leveraging the data sources available to them. We tailor our approach to each situation from top down management plans to open and explorative analysis based on data and research.

Options Analysis

As the pace of technological change increases the horizon of business models often narrows and business leaders are required to keep more closely up to date with the opportunities and threats presented by a constantly evolving operating landscape. With the need to assess and take decisive action around strategic options more regularly than ever before, strategic financial modelling is becoming a ever more critical business intelligence asset.

It is essential that modelling is done carefully and well such that adoption and use is optimised, risk of material in-accuracy is minimised and so that businesses can quickly flex assumptions and the questions they wish to assess without unduly difficult and expensive re-work of modelling and analysis.

We can leverage our advanced modelling capabilities to assess and present the expected impact of strategic plans in order to support management in selecting those that are most effective for what they are seeking to acheive. Our best in class modelling methodology will also ensure that any models delivered are fit-for-purpose, highly flexible and low risk such that business leaders can leverage modelling and more readily deployable analysis with greater confidence.

How we help

Options Modelling & Comparison

Modelling and comparing various potential strategic initiatives

Data Analysis

Open explorative data analysis to understand and discover

Management Dashboards

Highly flexible and impactful dashboards that facilitate informed and up to date management decision making

Business case modelling

Specific and in-depth modelling of one or more business cases, analysis and support for presentation to boards and investors

Sensitivity analysis

Analysing big data to understand the critical management levers to focus resources upon and modelling forecasts to assess their likely impact

Advanced & bespoke visualisation

bespoke visualisations designed to convey important messages and difficult or technical concepts clearly and impactfully

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