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Workforce Analytics

Workforce Modelling & Data Analytics

October 7, 2020

Big Data Analytics, Automation and Business Case Modelling are core to the modernisation of workforce management. Tunneys have the experience and capabilities to help organisations through their most complex workforce management challenges by leveraging truly bespoke digital solutions.

Workforce managers are turning to advanced analytics in order to maximise their ability to monitor and understand an increasingly dynamic landscape of tenure, efficiency and skills requirements. This presents a potential strategic advantage where analytics and modelling are leveraged effectively.

The global pandemic and rapidly evolving global workforce trends are forcing leaders across all industries to think differently about how workforces are and should be managed into the future. In instances where workforces are large and complex, these challenges require big data analytics and automation of processes in order to compete effectively.

Tunneys have experience helping a variety of organisations across the public and private sectors to solve workforce challenges and plan stategic initiatives to help re-shape workforces and how they are managed, into a future ready state. Our outputs include data collection, automation, business intelligence dashboards, big data management and support towards the presentation of business cases at board or investor level.

Tunneys experts have been some of the early adopters of big data visualisation and business intelligence dashboarding. Our analytics and data intelligence services have supported organisational leaders in Finance, Strategy, HR and Operations to analyse and clarify complex problems.

How we help

Hubs / Re-Organisation

Planning strategic hubs in key locations for skill-specific resource allocation and shortage management.

Workforce Attrition

Identifying and understanding the complex drivers of workforce attrition and strategies for optimisation.

Programme Management

Utilisation and efficiency management across projects & programmes.

Workforce Redesign

Re-shaping the workforce landscape and policies to be future-ready.

Audit / Reconciliation

Reconciliation of data across separate systems, audit and identification of errors.

Data Preparation

Collecting, cleansing and combining data from various sources in preparation for calculating and dashboarding Bespoke KPIs.

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